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Curse of the Sea Rats Comes Out In 2021
Curse of the Sea Rats Comes Out In 2021

Curse of the Sea Rats Comes Out In 2021

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Curse of the Sea Rats comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2021

Curse of the Sea Rats, a self-titled “Ratoidvania”, is an action-platformer game from PQube and developer Petoons Studio. The hand-drawn animation lends to the adventurous spirit the game inspires. Join a group of adventurers who must free themselves from a pirate witch’s curse. 

Up to four players can join, each controlling different heroes with their own skills and strengths. The website mentions the quests aren’t linear, taking advantage of the large map and Metroidvania inspiration. The game also draws from the work of “The golden era of Disney and Don Bluth”, using a combination of 2D hand-drawn models and 3D game environments in the 1930s animation style.

Revealing hundreds of rooms, solving puzzles, all whilst clearing the rooms of enemies, the website says there are 12 hours of main story questline for the single-player mode. The website also mentions multiple endings, which may just be with the different characters, but that attention to detail shows the care being put into this game, if nothing else.

The story takes place in 1777, on the coast of Ireland, where David Douglas, Akane Yamakawa, Bussa, and Buffalo Calf must fight through the lackeys of Flora Burn and stop her once and for all to end the curse. Fight as a swashbuckling rat, a washpole wielding mouse, a brutish rat with a machete, or a dueling-wielding mouse, all with their own move sets and unique abilities as they clear rooms of enemies and solve puzzles.

Curse of the Sea Rats comes out in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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