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CS GO anti cheat
CS GO anti cheat

CS : GO Gets Conflicting Anti-Cheat Software

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Valve has updated CS : GO’s (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) anti-cheat software to use the new Trusted Mode.

Trusted Mode is the latest tool made by Valve to prevent cheating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The new mode, which is now the default state CS:GO launches in, has been causing conflicts with other programs that players may use with CS:GO.

Trusted Mode essentially stops other programs from being used with CS:GO, for instance OBS, a recording and streaming software that many use, no longer works with CS:GO.

Window Capture within OBS reportedly still works for recording, but that obviously means players will have to run the game in fullscreen windowed mode, or in other non-exclusive modes.

Valve has acknowledged that conflicts may happen, and addressed it on Trusted Mode’s FAQ page. However, it does not seem like there is much players can do about it except running CS:GO in untrusted mode, which is done by adding “-untrusted” to the game’s launch options on Steam.

Valve, however, says that “your Trust score may be negatively affected” the game is run  in that mode. A player’s Trust score will affect their future matchmaking. Additionally players have reported abrupt disconnects from matches until the game is relaunched in Trusted Mode.

Valve included this statement in the Trusted Mode FAQ page: “Incompatible files must be removed to ensure a fair game for all players. Any time we cannot verify files interacting with CS:GO’s game process you will be asked to restart the game in Trusted Mode.”

The new mode is not entirely unlike Valorant’s anti-cheat software, Vanguard. Although Valve’s tech is less pervasive, they both try to stop cheating by preventing their programs’ access to the game altogether, and end up conflicting with non-invasive programs.

Source: Valve

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