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Croixleur Sigma Comes To Nintendo Switch

The high-speed hack & slash action game Croixleur Sigma has been confirmed to be releasing on Nintendo Switch. The game was originally only released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, so this will be the first time the game is available on another platform.

Players will be able to choose one of four girls to defeat many different monsters. The game allows players to select up to four different weapons, all of which also effects appearance and combos. Character customisation is a fun feature that allows players to change their characters appearance. Players can select such items as cat ears, glasses and headphones. These items aren’t just for looks either, as each item contains its own special effect to enhance combat.

The Nintendo Switch version of Croixleur Sigma includes all extra costumes, including a variety of collab costumes from other games. The game also includes all additional modes including Story Mode, Communication Mode, Score Attack Mode, Survival Mode, Dungeon Mode, and Training Mode.

Croixleur Sigma is due to release on the Nintendo Switch March 28th, 2019 for the price of $19.99. You can find additional details about the game on the official Croixleur Sigma website. Are you excited that Croixleur Sigma is coming to Nintendo Switch? Let us know at the Gaming Instincts Twitter Account.

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