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Close to the Sun
Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun Received Its Launch Trailer Ahead of Release

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Without the intention to know everything in the world, human being couldn’t reach to such a progression in life. Science has always expanded the boundaries for living better than before and sometimes it has granted humanity sets of abilities to do extra-ordinary things that might look impossible. So science could be scary too, and Close to the Sun follows the story of a great invention by Nikola Tesla that gives unbelievable abilities to humanity.

In Close to the Sun, you will play as a female journalist who looks for her missing sister and finds out the only way to get her sister back, is to enter Nikola Tesla’s strange building in the middle of a see and use his invention to achieve what she wants. While the game’s first-person point of view provides a better opportunity for the game to horrify the players, it will also help the development team in creating their puzzle-solving gameplay more successfully. Here you can check out the launch trailer for the game to overview all the information about gameplay ahead of release.

One of the key features in that of Storm in a Teacup upcoming title is its gorgeous location design and lighting that will attract you in various situations within the game, while also its emptiness will imply more intense fear to the players.

The game is now available for PC exclusively via Epic Games Store. While it’s received mediocre reviews so far, you can judge it better if you play it yourself.

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