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call of duty cold war zombies black ops
call of duty cold war zombies black ops

Call of Duty Cold War Details Leaked

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Dataminers have taken the latest Call of Duty Cold War leak and extracted a series of codes that show what is likely the name of maps for the upcoming game. They used an alpha build of the game to extract the code, nicknamed “The Red Door”. The build was leaked on Xbox Servers recently, and a similar listing appeared on PlayStation Network.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War was leaked about a month ago, as players were able to clip into locked bunkers in Warzone, which revealed many references to the Cold War- Era. The same setting of the first Black Ops game.

Dataminer Prototype Warehouse tweeted a series of code that has given the fans some insight into the content of the game:

ger_stakeout nam_armada nam_prisoner nic_revolution rus_amerika rus_duga rus_kgb rus_siege rus_yamantau (sidemission) tundra (sidemission) takedown

These leaks suggest that the game’s campaign will take place in Vietnam, Russia, Germany, and Nicaragua. Prototype Warehouse also leaked a series of names for multiplayer maps: “black sea” “cartel” “KGB” “Miami” “Moscow” “Satellite” “Tank” “Tundra”.

The dataminer also confirmed that there will be a zombie mode, codenamed “Silver”. The zombie mode has been a fan favorite of Call of Duty Black Ops since release. It will likely be a 4 player co-op mode once again.

There were also a series of words leaked in reference to Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s battle royale Warzone. “duga” “forest” “russia” “ski” “slopes“.

It is uncertain when Activision will officially unveil the game, but a good time to look forward to its reveal is the Xbox Series X showcase this Thursday, which will showcase the console for the first time, and will likely include other games like Halo Infinite.

Source: VG247

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