Black Desert Mobile artwork
Black Desert Mobile artwork

Black Desert Mobile Guild War PvP Mode is Live

Black Desert Mobile has launched the new Guild Wars PvP Mode alongside an update to Ancient Ruins in a free content update.

In the Guild War, guilds engage in massive battles for control of a Node in an open world environment. “Guild masters and officers can declare war by entering the enemy guild’s name in the guild window.” Each guild must have a minimum of ten members attending within 48 hours and pay 3 million silver from their guild fund to participate in the Guild War.

“When the war begins, all guild members are automatically enlisted and PvP will be activated between both guilds. Show off your PvP skills by battling members of the enemy guild and gain guild points by defeating them.” The first guild to reach 30,000 points achieves victory and control of the Node.

Moreover, Ancient Ruins—the collaborative battle mode—is “expanding its maximum difficulty settings to level six and seven. Adventurers with higher combat points are now able to challenge stronger versions of the Ancient Warrior Kabuamilles to win greater rewards!”

The Black Desert Mobile Guild War pre-season began last week, giving players the ability to team up with their guildmates to win battles and conquer Nodes ahead of the official Node War update. Guilds that win the Node War will take possession of the Node for seven days, with Node Wars taking place from 10:00PM to 12:00PM server time on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays during the pre-season.

In addition, extra Black Pearls are being offered by a special Pearl Shop event that will continue to run until January 14, 2020. “Those who purchase a certain number of Pearls will receive the same amount of Black Pearls as a bonus.”

Players can learn more about the Black Desert Mobile Guild Wars and Ancient Ruins update on the game’s official website.

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