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solas from dragon age for dragon age 4
solas from dragon age for dragon age 4

Bioware Teases Dragon Age 4 At EA Event

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Bioware released a brief teaser trailer at EA’s Play Live event today, most likely teasing a new Dragon Age 4. The game itself was revealed to be in development in 2018 at the Game Awards, where Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Solas was also confirmed to return. Bioware also confirmed years ago that they had been planning to release a fourth and fifth Dragon Age game following the release of Inquisition.

“I can say however that one of our projects has a large and growing team in Edmonton working through pre-production, and based on the progress I’m seeing, I can confirm that indeed the Dread Wolf rises.”- Casey Hudson, Bioware Game Director

The most recent game in the series, Inquisition was released in November of 2014, and sold more copies than any Bioware game at the time, the game was also highly rated and included expansions that brought the title to a definitive conclusion.

The teaser showed off a ruined castle as well as a large tree, both of which were surrounded by red glowing growths. This red growth is likely to be connected to red lyrium, which is bad news in he series. The game also appears to be taking place in a snowy environment. Although the teaser from Bioware is exciting, sources suggest that the game will not be released until 2022 at least.

The company’s latest releases include the multiplayer shooter Anthem as well as Mass Effect: Andromeda, which received underwhelming reviews. Moreover, Bioware’s Montreal Studio closed down not too long ago. It is reassuring to see that Bioware is using their partnership with EA to develop new games like Dragon Age 4.

The game will most likely be coming to next-gen consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Fans can look forward to a new Dragon Age game in improved graphics along with other upgrades that come with next-gen consoles.

Source: EA Play Live

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