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Battlefield V
Battlefield V

Battlefield V “War In the Pacific” Returns to Iwo Jima

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War in the Pacific,” the upcoming chapter for Battlefield V, promises players a return to iconic maps from the past, evoking fond memories and nostalgia for long-term fans of the franchise.

If gamers think back to where it all started for the Battlefield franchise, they might recall iconic battles fought via land, air, and sea on maps like Iwo Jima. On October 31, for the first time in ten years, DICE brings players back to some of the most epic battles fought for control over the Pacific during World War 2. 

The first two nostalgic maps being released in Battlefield V Chapter 5 are Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm. A highly dynamic map, Iwo Jima features U.S. and Japanese forces engaged in a beach landing invasion that becomes an all-or-nothing clash across wide-open black beaches and tight, close-range environments alike. The Pacific Storm map pushes players through treacherous weather on a set of islands, where they must secure control points using boats, tanks, and aircraft. Topping off all the other goodies, another map will be added to the pool in December: Wake Island.

In a brand new trailer released today and viewable below, players can relive the nostalgia of these maps, and get a glimpse at the amphibious assaults and all-out warfare they will partake in when Chapter 5 launches.



In addition to the Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm maps, Chapter 5 also brings with it to Battlefield V two new factions in the U.S. and Japan, new weapons including the M1 Garand and M1919A6, as well as new vehicles like the M4 Sherman tank and F4U Corsair fighter aircraft. Players may also enjoy new stationary weapons, katanas, flamethrowers, and new chapter rewards including weapons, soldier sets, weapon skins, and melee weapons.

Battlefield V is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Chapter 5: War in the Pacific launches October 31, 2019.

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