Batman Arkham Legacy – Potential Announcement Leak

Fans of all things Batman might find themselves excited at the prospect of a new game featuring the Defender of Gotham.

If a tweet by user @slcmof is any indication, those excited fans may find that soon, they will get what they’re hoping for. On November 26, @slcmof posted the following tweet, promoting a special stream on his YouTube channel—scheduled to take place today, November 27, at 6:30 PM EST.

The posted tweet seems to indicate that @slcmof will be discussing some insider information he has somehow come across—that a trailer for a new Batman game will make its debut at this years Game Awards, only a couple weeks away. That game, according to @slcmof, will be Batman: Arkham Legacy.

A follow-up tweet from @slcmof states that his information was gathered from “the same guy” who provided him with leaked images from the cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game years before they were provided to the public. @slcmof claims his source is very reliable, though also notes that “nothing is 100%.”

In a GameRant report on this leak, there is mention of a leak last month from someone named “Sabi,” which purportedly provided information regarding Batman: Arkham Legacy‘s characters. According to that leak, the game would not actually be about Batman himself, but would instead let players step into the shoes of other characters such as Batgirl and Robin.

None of this information is confirmed, though another tweet from user @ArkhamChannel—the Twitter account for a YouTube channel of the same name—states “We’ve seen how reliable this source is.” Readers can and should draw their own conclusions regarding the veracity of this link, and if they are curious, might want to take a look at @slcmof’s stream later today.

Should Batman: Arkham Legacy turn out to be a real thing, Gaming Instincts will be there every step of the way, covering its development.

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