Dragon’s Crown Pro – Review

Dragon's Crown

Dragon’s Crown Pro – Review Publisher – Atlus Developer – Vanillaware ESRB –Teen MSRP – $49.99 Note – This game was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 with the review copy provided by the Publisher (Atlus) Introduction Video games have become more than just games in recent years and in many cases, not for the benefit […]

God of War 2018 Review

God of War

God of War 2018 Review Platform: Playstation 4 Release Date: April 20th 2018 Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Developer – Sony Santa Monica ESRB: Mature MSRP: $60 This title was reviewed on a standard Ps4. Reboots these days surface faster than a stray cat tossed in a pool and are usually about as fun as holding […]

5 Things We Want from PlayStation 5

Whether you want to think about the next generation of consoles or not, some coffee infused, overworked technician is slaving away in their own personal silicone valley on the Playstation 5 right now. PS5 devkits are in studios, meaning developers across the globe now have the rough specifications for the Ps4’s successor. https://youtu.be/U0bg0KMkXtQ My imagination […]

EA’s Andrew Wilson Sets Direction for Future

light show for an EA conference at EA Play

You know what everybody loves when they first wake up? Me neither. But would you want the President of one of gaming’s most successful and influential companies talkin’ nerdy to you in the morning? Then read on, you naughty gamer you, because that’s exactly what happened. Let’s breakdown the recent publicly-issued letter sent out by […]

Anthem is BioWare’s Funeral Song

Characters from BioWare Games and the BioWare Logo with the Anthem Exo-suit on the left

Anthem is BioWare’s Funeral Song If someone were to set aside morality and emotion, death could arguably be the most fascinating force in the universe—especially the process of a slow, unforgiving death on public display—like the one acclaimed developer BioWare is currently going through. If I wasn’t a BioWare diehard, I might find this all […]

Why I Still Don’t Want An Xbox One X

kicking the xbox one away

Why I Still Don’t Want An Xbox One X Nostalgia and familiarity are powerful feelings, and we are all susceptible to them. Do you ever think about how someone might try to manipulate those feelings for profit? Or use those feelings as a mask to hide a  lack of originality or new ideas? Or how […]

Top Ten Memorable Bosses from the God of War Trilogy

Ares, Kraken and Hades the Bosses of the God of War Trilogy Thumbnail

Top Ten Memorable Bosses from the God of War Trilogy I often wonder how ancient civilization, tribes or communities would depict their cultures if they understood and could use modern technology. More recently as I prepare for the God of War spiritual reboot releasing on April 20th 2018th I wonder how they would react to […]

God of War Combat and Crafting Analysis – Our Early Concerns

Giant troll getting angry and getting ready to fight Kratos in God of War

God of War Combat and Crafting Analysis | Gaming Instincts About a month away from the much anticipated Nordic-themed reboot/sequel of God of War, and yet outside of press conferences and events, there has been a slight drought of raw, unedited gameplay from the iconic Spartan godslayer. Better late than never, as the old adage […]