Author: Garrett Eicher

What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a new Medieval RPG developed by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver. The game is set in the medieval kingdom of Bohemia, a part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1403 and follows the story of Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Not much is known about the story so far, but it is said to be in a fully interactive world with a lot of repercussions, as the world around the player will react to the actions the player makes. There is a deep world built into this game, and every part of...

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Marvel’s Spider-man Vs. Batman: Arkham

As an open-world superhero action game, Marvel’s Spider-man is sure to garner a lot of comparisons to other games of the genre. Specifically to the current king of super hero action games, the Batman: Arkham series from Rocksteady Studios. The Arkham games have been a hugely successful and impactful trilogy for Rocksteady and the industry. Many other games, such as Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, have borrowed different combat schemes from the series. The games are based on stealth and hand-to-hand combat, and Shadow of Mordor had many of the same multiple-enemy fight mechanics as the Arkham games, and Insomniac’s...

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What to Expect from Square Enix’s Avengers Project

Last week Square Enix and Marvel released a teaser trailer for their new untitled Avengers Project, which will be developed by both Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics. Not much is known about the project, but the trailer showed a large amount of destruction covering what looks like artifacts left by the Avengers team (including Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s arm, and Thor’s Hammer). The teaser is less than a minute long and raises a lot of questions about what gamers might be seeing from this new project that is meant to kick off a multiple-year and multiple-game agreement between...

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How Can EA Win Back Gamers in 2018 and Beyond?

How Can EA Win Back Gamers in 2018 and Beyond? To say that EA has a bad image with players right now would be an understatement. After a year where they ruined franchises like Need for Speed, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Mass Effect, franchises that should be able to sell themselves, and yet underperformed in the market of what was otherwise a stellar year for many other publishers and developers. EA has garnered a lot of criticism over the past several years, and almost every piece of it is deserved, and with their image amongst gamers in a decline,...

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The Last of Us Part 2 Theory: Will Ellie Die?

The Last of Us Part 2 Theory: Will Ellie Die? The Last of Us Part 2 is coming; not a lot is known about it, but the game is full of hype. And where there is hype, there is plot speculation, followed by theories. Breaking down what we know from the first game back in 2013 and the trailers seen so far, this game is sure to come with a plot that hits fans hard and jerks all kinds of tears. It could jerk tears so hard that it might even kill off one of its central characters, a...

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