Author: Nicholas Issac

Tokyo 42 – Review

Tokyo 42 is a delightful isometric romp across the rooftops of an idyllic neo-Tokyo. The combat mechanics are satisfying and the plotline simple, yet engaging. Much like the cherry blossom bloom, this experience felt both fresh and fleeting.

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Prey 2017 – Review

This new Prey might just stand on its own as a generic System Shock clone, and if it went with the title “Generic space shooter” I would have granted leeway in this review. But this game isn’t titled “Generic space shooter”, it’s called Prey, and it will be judged as such.

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The Sting of the Scorpio: Cautious Optimism

The Sting of the Scorpio: Cautious Optimism Today marks the unveiling of detailed technical specs for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio console, and for the 4th time in Xbox history, the future is here. Although the reports have shed some light on what we can expect, I found myself with new questions: Will Scorpio be able to provide reliable compatibility to the existing Xbox One catalog? Will those 4 extra GB of RAM make any difference to game developers? What exactly does “no more screen tearing” mean for titles which traditionally enable frame buffers by default? So without further mulling,...

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Watch Dogs 2 – Review

Watch Dogs 2 – Review Platform – PlayStation 4 (Pro), Xbox One, PC Developer – Ubisoft Montreal Publisher – Ubisoft MSRP – $59.99 (Editor’s Note: This game was reviewed on the PC platform, the game copy was provided by Gaming Instincts.) Introduction The Watch Dogs franchise is back, and this time it’s personal. Well, not really, but if cliched action movie dialogue gets your motor running, then this open-world sandbox hackathon might just be for you. Watch Dogs 2 struts into the room with bravado and confidence, proclaiming loudly that games are about having fun. This arcane concept underlies everything...

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