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ArcheAge: Maelstrom is Available Now

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ArcheAge: Maelstrom is Available Now

Trion Worlds and XLGAMES announced that the 4.0 update for ArcheAge, ArcheAge: Maelstrom, is available now! This exciting update adds some excellent new changes to the game like an overhauled Gem system, an open-world raid finder, crafting updates, and Bloodsalt Bay, the very first PvP naval arena in the game!

Check out the launch trailer of ArcheAge: Maelstrom, featuring a cinematic video:

“Maelstrom presents players with the new 20-player naval battleground, Bloodsalt Bay. In thisfirst-of-its-kind arena, players will guide their ship and its crew of five into tempestuous waters while avoiding a churning whirlpool. There, they will be confronted with massive monsters like the legendary Charybdis while three other crews fight to claim victory and earn the spoils of battle for themselves. Defeat your opponents, claim abundant riches, and dominate all who challenge you in aquatic arenas. 

With an all-new open-world raid finder called the Raid Recruitment Board, ArcheAge: Maelstrom allows players to find or advertise their group adventures to other players at anytime. Players can even form a link between two raids to coordinate better with up to 100 players while taking on some of the biggest challenges Erenor has to offer.

Changes to the Lunagem system is one element that has been requested by the ArcheAge community, and XLGAMES has worked with Trion Worlds to provide robust improvements, removing random chance during the process of improving gear with gems and giving the experience a focus on progress. 
A new crafting quest line from the Blue Salt Brotherhood will teach inexperienced players several ways to dive into the crafting system, while an updated crafting interface will also let players discover the range of items they can create and allows for easier searching. 

ArcheAge: Maelstrom is available now.”

For more information on ArcheAge: Maelstrom, visit its official website.

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