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Anthem to have Cataclysm Event Details Tomorrow

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Anthem to have Cataclysm Event Details Tomorrow

Anthem has been a game that’s been riddled with bugs, glitches, and overall bad gameplay. Well according to Bioware, Anthem will finally announce details for their future Cataclysm event tomorrow Thursday the 30th.

The news comes from Anthem’s 1.2.0 update which is live on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. In April, Bioware said that they will be prioritizing bug “fixes, stability, and game flow” over new content which coincides with 1.2.0’s core improvements.”

More importantly, the update has been said to contain, “some under the hood content you won’t see right away, but is setting things up for a future update, the Cataclysm.”

Well before Cataclysm releases, Bioware wants to get feedback based on the new changes. Therefore they will release a Public Test Server (PTS) which will allow players to see the content as it is being developed to give players the ability to provide feedback.

Before Cataclysm will release, Bioware has bene working on the game’s content and overall overworld features. These include quality of life improvements , weekly rewards, daily, weekly and monthly challenges, and new cosmetics to be added in the Prospero store.

As no details will be available until tomorrow, Cataclysm looks to add more freeplay events, new story missions, and new overall rewards.

The theme of Anthem’s ACT 01 – Echoes of reality according to the website is, “The world of Anthem is a dangerous place. Chaotic. Unpredictable. A world left unfinished an abandoned by the gods. As a freelancer, you are one of the elite few chosen to fight against the chaos. To wield the power of your javelin and bring order to the madness.”

From this we can surely conclude that Cataclysm will bring about a new story arc for players to enjoy, along with that there will more likely be more missions, weapons, and hopefully more Javelins to play with.

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