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animal crossing new horizons sea
animal crossing new horizons sea

Animal Crossing Gets Huge Summer Update

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Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing : New Horizons for the Switch will be getting a big summer update that will add tons of new content to the game. The update is set for a July 3 release.

The update will include a new ability for the players to use to explore, which is swimming. This new ability will allow players to search for new marine life to introduce to their museums. Some of the marine life will include: starfish, garden eels, and anemone.

From the trailer, it appears that players can swim out relatively far from their islands and hunt for new marine life. The limits of how far the players can swim is shown by a net surrounding the sea.

The update will also add a new crafting set themed around mermaids. It can be obtained by talking to Pascal, who will grant the player new DIY recipes. Pascal is a red sea otter who appears weekly and gives DIY recipes in exchange for scallops. Scallops can be found by swimming out into the ocean.

In the trailer, it seems like Pascal can be found exclusive out in the ocean. There will also be a new set of interactions with Gulliver, the sea-gull players can find washed up on their beaches often.

New Horizons has been introducing new characters through their waves of updates. Redd is another character that was introduced recently, and players can buy pieces of art from him to expand their museum.

Fans can also look forward to more updates from Animal Crossing later this summer in August. Nintendo will likely announce more information for this future update soon at mini-Direct. All of the updates will be free and available to all players who own Animal Crossing : New Horizons.

Source: GameSpot

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