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All You Need To Know About OSRS Ice Gloves

How To Obtain The Ice Gloves

To obtain the Ice Gloves you will need to defeat the Ice Queen. To find the Ice Queen, you need to go to White Wolf Mountain. However, it is important to note that this is a member-only area and enemy. Anyway, once you get to White Wolf Mountain, search around for a rock slide. This rock slide will lead to the Ice Queen’s Lair. To get inside though, you will need two things. A pickaxe, which is cheap to buy at most mining and pickaxe shops. The other requirement is to have 50 mining.

Once you have the requirements met, you can dig your way into the Ice Queen’s Lair. Make your way around this small labyrinth by going down some ladders and making your way to the main room she waits in. Be careful, there are level 50+ enemies in this area and with the Ice Queen. Once she is defeated, she will drop the Ice Gloves. This is her only drop, so there is no reason to try and farm her for OSRS items or OSRS gold. And just like that, you now have the Ice Gloves.

Uses During Quests

These can be used for quests, but after the quest is completed there isn’t much need for them. You can still wear them to use for other small activities, which we will get to in a moment. But for now, here are all of the quests that the Ice Gloves might prove useful.

Players can use the Ice Gloves in the Recipe for Disaster quest. They can use it to cool the dwarven rock cake and to cook the Brulee supreme, however, this is optional. Second, they will need this if they wish to use a weapon against Flambeed. Flambeed will cause your weapon to unequip if he hits you if you aren’t wearing the gloves. The same goes for Fareed during the Desert Treasure quest. While, in melee range, he can disarm you if you aren’t wearing the Ice Gloves.

In Heroes’ Quest, you are required to wear these if you wish to pick up the fire feather. Again, the same goes for the Clock Tower quest, you can use these to pick up the black cog, but it is not required. Lastly, you will need them for The Fremennik Exiles quest. This quest at one point will require you to put a pet rock in a geyser and get it back out.

Uses Outside of Quests

The Ice Gloves will see the most uses outside of quests. This is because once a quest is done, you technically won’t need them anymore. But they are still very useful when doing side activities. If you are trying to get more OSRS gold, then these gloves can be a good time saver. For example, instead of needing a bucket of water to collect bars from the Blast Furnace, all you will need is the Ice Gloves. This will eliminate the need to make trips to gather a bucket of water, which helps increase your OSRS GP per hour.

So here is a list of uses that these gloves can do outside of quests.

  • Catch infernal eels in Mor Ul Rek. (Ice Gloves Required)
  • Collect bars at the Blast Furnace without the need for a bucket of water. (Ice Gloves Optional)
  • Pick up a preform in the Giants’ Foundry without needing a bucket of water. (Ice Gloves Optional)
  • Used to charge bottled dragonbreath. You will take 2 hitpoints worth of damage if not wearing the gloves. (Ice Gloves Optional)


In short, the Ice Gloves are very useful outside of combat. However, during combat, these gloves are nearly useless. There are only two quests that require you to wear these during combat. But most people will use them to collect hot bars or eels to increase their OSRS gold per hour. The Ice Gloves are a great utility item to help you speed up the process of certain tasks and are required if you want to pick up the fire feather for a quest. This OSRS item is also easy enough to obtain, so don’t fret if you think these gloves require you to be extremely high level with your skills.

What are your thoughts on the Ice Gloves? Should they offer more combat effectiveness? Let us know in the comment section.

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