Project Z
Project Z

Action RPG Project Z Gets an Announcement Trailer

Action RPG Project Z  Gets an Announcement Trailer

Bandai Namco last week teased Project Z which is an action-RPG Dragon Ball Z title currently in the works by CyberConnect 2, the publisher promised more information this weekend. Today Bandai namco revealed the announcement trailer of Project Z, the game will feature Unreal Engine 4 and it’s coming sometime this year.

The game it’ll be heavily influenced by the anime, starting from the Raditz saga the trailer shows up to Frieza fight. We can expect more content coming after the game releases.

Check the announcement  trailer down below:

If the game follows the story told in the anime there are some areas where the open world and action might be awesome, Gohan’s learning how to survive on its own, and the search for the Dragon Balls in Planet Namek surely will be the highlights in this game. It’s also interesting to see if the game will switch from character to character following the events of the anime, it would also be great if we could all participate in the tense search for the Dragon Balls in Planet Namek as there are Gohan & Krillin, Vegeta, Frieza and the Nameks involved.

In the trailer we can see Goku walking through some locations from the anime, this doesn’t follow the anime as Goku was either training or fighting, so it’s possible that some sacrifices must take place in order to make the game less linear and encourage the adventure aspect.

I hope this Project Z does well so Bandai Namco can deliver more games like this, the Dragon Ball I dream of it’s a game that follows the story of young Goku in the search of the Dragon Balls, and could be perfect, developers could deliver the first 3 sagas, and they could separate each in episodes, as Akira Toriyama did in the manga. There is a huge potential in this Project Z and as you can read, I’m really hyped about this.

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