Earlier in the month, Polyphony Digital released their ongoing monthly update which contained a few new vehicles, like the new GR Supra RZ ’19, as well as the new track, the Autopolis International Racing Course. Breaking the tradition of one content bringing update a month, Polyphony has revealed a second car update hitting Sport next week, just at the end of the month.

The latest tweet from series producer Kaz Yamauchi gives us another of his trademark silhouetted images teasing five new cars arriving via next week’s update. Check out the image in the tweet below:

You can take your guesses as to what you think each vehicle silhouette could be, but two of them seem pretty certain: the bottom two appear to be the recently teased Dallara SF19 Super Formula cars. You can view the unveiling trailer for the Super Formula racing machines below:

With a second update hitting the game this month, we’re unclear if this means GT Sport will remain without an update in the month of April. Or, maybe Polyphony is really putting the hammer down with two updates a month instead of one. We can dream, can’t we?

Anyway, stay tuned for the official reveal of the next cars to hit Gran Turismo Sport in the latest update next week.

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