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Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

343 Industries Looking Into Halo Infinite Battle Pass

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The Halo Infinite multiplayer, which is out now and free-to-play across Xbox and PC, has so far been well received by fans. The biggest point of contention for the mode has been the battle pass system which players have been critical of due to its slow progression when compared to other games. As it turns out 343 Industries has been paying attention and is looking into the progression.

Brian Jarrard, Community Manage at 343 Industries took to Twitter to thank players who have joined the Halo Infinite beta thus far, before turning to address the concern. According to his statement, the team at 343 has been looking into these concerns, with Jarrard stating he will update players when he can.

Similar to other Battle Passes, progression in Halo Infinite is achieved by completing challenges that award the player experience. Challenges can range from simply playing matches, to getting kills with specific weapons and so on. A frequently lodged complaint that I have seen lodged against them thus far is that they often incentive players to not contribute to objective-based matches, seeing players run off to get kills rather than protect the flag.

One reason for this slowed progression might have been due to the biggest difference between Halo Infinite and other games. In Halo Infinite, a purchased battle pass will never expire and will allow players to continue earning rewards even after the next season is released. In most cases, players have a certain amount of months to earn all the tiers of cosmetics and rewards before they will be locked. It is possible to think the slow progression never seemed like an issue to 343 due to the fact people who purchased the pass would have an infinite amount of time to keep earning.

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