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Goblins and Coins
Goblins and Coins

Goblins and Coins Gets a New Teaser Trailer

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Goblins and Coins Gets a New Teaser Trailer

It was revealed by Nikola Bulj, a brand new teaser trailer and screenshots for Goblins and Coins, an indie platformer in development. After the initial pre-alpha release in June this year and constructive feedback from testers, all known bugs have been fixed and the work on World III – Gassy Swamp – has begun.

Check out the teaser trailer of Goblins and Coins, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Experience all the new and improved levels with a 45% off early supporter discount, or try a completely free demo. Help our poor goblin retrieve the stolen coins and avoid punishment from its boss, the evil dragon.

About the game:

Goblins and Coins is a casual 2D platformer with an old school (hard) mode planned for the future. The full game WILL feature a ridiculous background story, low quality pixel art drawn by the game author, horrible repetitive levels, five unimaginative settings/worlds, amateur voice acting, lame attempt at humor and cool music by Kevin MacLeod. Also, some goblins and a bunch of coins.

The developer of the game Nikola Bulj, said the following in its dev blog:  “Now that I’m finally happy with tile set for the Gassy Swamp, I’ve decided to release a new level, 3-2. It features more of the same as 3-1 but also some shallow muddy water which hides “bean shooters” plants, which is a surprise that I’ve mentioned the last time. They are not hard to disable or avoid, but could surprise you if you don’t expect them. Oh, I guess I just spoiled the surprise. Never mind, the level is challenging enough. I’ll wait for some feedback by the early adopters and potentially add some bean soup to make it easier. Also thinking of going back to Cursed graveyard and adding bean soup to at least one or two levels there.”

About the developer:

Nikola Bulj (NB264) is an indie game developer based in Serbia. He used to be a game journalist writing for Svet kompjutera, the oldest and most popular IT monthly in that part of the world, and his previous works include ‘Srpski za 5’ , a free educational game for primary school students.”

For more information on Goblins and Coins, visit its official website.
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